A simple external ballistics calculator

qBal Ballistics Simulator


qBal Ballistics Simulator is a full feature external ballistics calculator software for shooter enthusiasts and hunters. qBal offers high precision ballistics calculation, with an interface that was designed from the beginning to be simple to use.


Unlike some other computer ballistic shooting programs, qBal is focused on simplicity. Just choose your ammo, your gun and weather parameters, and shoot !


Designed for efficiency and ease-of-use


With qBal, ballistic simulation is really simple to parametrize, and all tools for result analysis and key trajectory figures understanding are provided. An automatic shoot parameters optimization is realized, and gives you the zeroing range you have to set in order to get the best from your rifle and ammo.


Comparison of up to four ammo can be done by simultaneous display of trajectory and other curves: velocity, residual energy, wind drift, and time of flight.


"Deadly" ... accurate


qBal ballistic simulator offers highest level of precision available on shooting software market, by using a precise numerical equation solving method, called 4th order Runge Kutta. Main influence on the projectile, the drag effect, is modelized by the universally used G1 function, which is also used by all bullets manufacturers and represented by the well known ballistic coefficient (BC). Projectile trajectory equation also takes in account most important effects: wind and atmospheric conditions, as well as the gyroscopic drift.





qBal is compatible with Windows (all versions) and with Mac OS.


Main features